Our shared Windows web hosting is run on enterprise hardware using the latest Dell Servers and enterprise firewall. We offer a hugely reliable and honestly priced service. We don't offer unlimited everything like some companies do (click here to see why) and we don't cram thousands of websites onto one server box. But we do offer you exactly what you need to run your website, 24/7 365 days a year, that is a solid dependable network with 1st class support.

Get the equivalent of 2 months free hosting when you pay for 1 year or 5 months free hosting when you pay for 2 years in advance!

Bronze Windows hosting


Silver Windows hosting

Gold Windows hosting


All our servers come from Dell. We have partnered with Dell because we feel they produce the most reliable servers at the best price. These then sit behind an enterprise level firewall.

We have 2 hour replacement hardware guarantee on all server packages and a 100% power SLA and a 99.95% network connectivity SLA. We monitor the servers both internally and externally constantly to give you piece of mind.


We monitor our servers 24/7. We use internal software to alert us to any anomalies so they can be dealt with before they become an issue.

We also externally monitor our network from numerous locations worldwide. Our nameservers are all on different networks for greater redundancy. Our backup solutions are in a different datacentre from our servers; just common sense.


Our control panel is a customised version of the infamous SolidCP (was WebsitePanel). You can login for a demo. Running our own software means we are in control not some third party provider.

SolidCP allows you to control every aspect of your shared hosting package, whether it is adding email addresses or configuring your SSL you can do it at a time that suits you. We have clear and concise help articles for every aspect of the control panel, so whether you are a professional developer or a hobbyist, website management becomes a breeze. Of course we are on hand to provide support whenever you need it.

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