Our Green Commitment
Doing our bit to help the planet

Our Ethical Approach

We have read about the alarming reports of climate change and the environmental damage we are doing to our planet. We have witnessed in the news the increase in extreme weather events with floods, wild fires and rising sea levels. We felt we needed to make changes ourselves to help provide a better future for our families and for all.

We believe action on the ground is better than traded carbon schemes, where companies turn a blind eye to their responsibilities and so have chosen to start planting trees rather than offset our carbon virtually.

We continue to make changes and try to better ourselves as a company and individuals.

Green Hosting

Power at our UK Iomart datacentre uses 100% renewable energy.

Our office runs on green energy too.

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Green Office

We run our office using 100% green power electricity.

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Tackling Climate Change

We are working with Trees For Life to plant trees here in the UK.

We volunteer to plant trees here in Devon.

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Powering Servers Using Renewable Energy

Let's face it running servers takes a lot of energy and is a place where, as a company, our carbon footprint is at its largest.

Our Iomart datacentre runs on 100% renewable energy.

However, we don't just stop there. Our servers are being constantly replaced (and recycled) with the latest technology which is reducing our power consumption. SSD drives now take a fraction of the power that traditional spinning hard drives did. Our servers are platinum energy efficiency rated and our uncrowded shared hosting means that you get premium performance without the environmental cost of running your own server or VPS.

Powering Our Office Using Green Energy

Our office not only has solar panels but runs on 100% green electricity when the sun does not shine.

Planting Trees here in the UK

We have created a grove with Trees For Life, who's vision is to revitalise wild forest in the Highlands of Scotland.

We have committed to plant a tree for each employee every month. We aren't big but just doing our bit.

Visit our grove