Today most of your data is digital. Whether that is your photos from your last holiday or the latest invoice to your customer we all use and store data. What happens if that was suddenly lost? How would you manage?

Data loss can easily happen. Theft, hardware failure, natural disasters and not so natural disasters, like fire and burst pipes could mean everything being lost.

That is where our online managed backup service comes in. It provides a hassle free, safe and secure way of backing up the data that is important to you or your business.

All our backup services benefit from the same features. These include:

  • Secure UK data centres.
  • Your data is compressed and encrypted before it leaves your computer.
  • Secure HTTPS connections.
  • Our great UK support.
  • Online control panel.
  • First time seed facility.
  • Incremental and differential Backups.

Find out more about online backup for your home data like your photos and music.

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Find out more about online backup for your business or organisation.

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