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We can provide email only packages to go with your domain name. You may need email without a website, have a website planned in 6 months time or have your website hosted with another provider that doesn't provide emails.

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* All email packages must be paid for annually in advance. Number of mailboxes is set on the basket page.

Looking for larger mailboxes? Try our Microsoft 365 plans with 50GB mailboxes.

Email Hosting FAQs

Email Hosting is a service that allows you to send and receive email from your own domain name.

It is different to free, generic email providers like Gmail or Yahoo, who serve adverts alongside your emails, by reading your emails, and provide less control. Your personalised email address gives you a professional appearance and allows you to create the email addresses you want for different circumstances like accounts@ or enquiries@. It is also flexible and is designed to grow with your business allowing you to increase the size of your mailboxes or the number of mailboxes with our control panel.

Our email hosting is all UK based with UK support to help you set up and manage your email accounts. With IMAP you can access your emails on multiple devices allowing the mobile worker to stay in sync with the office. Our dedicated anti virus and spam protection helps fight malware and viruses.

Yes, you will need a domain name in order to have email hosting. This is the benefit of having email hosting, a custom email address makes you stand out from the crowd, whether personally or as a business. Not using a 3rd party address like or provides a more professionally image and conveys greater trustworthiness.

Don't have a domain name? It is simple to buy a domain name or you can transfer your domain name to us too if you have one somewhere else and take advantage of our low prices and great support.

No we don't provide catch all email addresses. We believe using these is bad practice and compromises the security and functionality of the email server for you and other users. Read our KB article for more information.

You can check your email with any software that can connect to a POP3 or IMAP email server. These include many popular email clients such as:

There is no limit to the number of email address you can have. You can add new email addresses to your plan at any time.

Webmail is a method of accessing your emails via a web browser like Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Opera. This means you can view or send emails from any device or any location where you have internet access. You access our webmail by logging into using your email address and password.

Yes, you can use a different domain name for each email account you purchase.

We use ESET Anti-virus and Proxmox Mail Gateway for our spam protection. We also employ Greylisting and auto-ban security to keep your email account safe and the email servers running smoothly.