Unlimited - Why we don't do it

Unlimited - that is rarely the case these days and fair use policies buried in the small print are usually used as the get out clause. Unlimited also can mean cramming more websites on a server or limiting the speed of your connection giving poor service and user experience.

At Nutty About Hosting we believe in being honest and providing good quality and excellent value hosting plans. That is why you don't see unlimited this and unlimited that in our web hosting plans. We have years of experience in running web hosting services and have developed plans that cover most client's needs.

Don't just take our word for it. Here are some quotes from round the web that other people have experienced:

"But I quickly learned that when a web hosting company says you get unlimited bandwidth it actually means you get unlimited bandwidth until the server cpu's overload, which on a shared hosting account isn't that much." - www.paulund.co.uk/wordpress-web-hosting

"It is not rocket science to figure out that a server cannot actually be capable of hosting unlimited websites. Even your hard disk has its limits, you know. Naturally, a web host that claims to offer unlimited or limitless bandwidth and disk space, is overselling." - www.hongkiat.com/blog/unlimited-web-hostings/

However we do appreciate that one size does not fit all so we provide configurable options on most plan quantities. You can do this on-line or create a support ticket.

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