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Kentico CMS for ASP.NET provides you with a complete, flexible and robust platform whether you build a web site, on-line store, social network or intranet.

We are a Kentico Hosting Partner. Our silver or gold hosting packages support all hosting requirements for Kentico.

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We provide a number of first class features

Select from either our silver or gold hosting packages depending on your requirements and start using Kentico today!


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Kentico Hosting FAQs

If you have the free version of Kentico you can host it on any web host that supports their minimum requirements.

If you have not got the free version then you have a number of choices depending on your agreement with our web developer. If your licence was part of your contract then you will be free to move hosts. However the web developer might own the licence and therefore you may be tied in to them. It is therefore very important to establish this before you pick a Kentico Web Developer.

You will need to login to the admin interface. You then go to the 'Licences' application. For more information view Kentico's documentation.

We support all versions of Kentico! From version 3.0 in 2008 through to the latest version 8.1 which was release in August 2014.

We also support all licence/edition types. Kentico CMS comes as a free version but also as Kentico EMS, Kentico CMS Ultimate and Kentico CMS Base licences. You must own the licence.