How to View Your OneDrive Via a Browser

Microsoft OneDrive is the cloud storage solution you get when you purchase Office 365 Business Essentials or Office 365 Business Premium. You get a personal account and you can create a team site too for your companies shared documents. You usually access your files and sync with the OneDrive app on your PC or Mac. However there may be times you want to access your files on a remote computer and you can do this via a browser. This article show you how to access your OneDrive via a browser.

1. Login to using your Office 365 email address and email password.

2. You will be shown a list of apps. Click on the 'OneDrive' app.

3. You will now be shown your personal OneDrive. You team site will be located on the left menu under 'Shared Libraries'. Click on this link to take you to the Team Site.

4. You know can view and navigate to the folders and files in you OneDrive Team Site.

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