How to Create a FTP User

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a method of transfering files between your computer and the web server. This article shows you how to create an FTP user.

1. Access the hosting control panel. Login to and click on your hosting plan where you want to set up the FTP user.

2. Once in the hosting control panel click on the 'FTP Accounts' under 'System'.

3. Click 'Create FTP account' button.

4. You will need to complete the details for the FTP user.

5. Use the 'Create Complex Password' button to generate a unique, complex password. When you have pressed the button click on the password field to reviel the password and make a note of it in your password safe. We recommend and use 1 password

6. Select the Home Folder for this FTP account. This is the folder the FTP client will start in. The default is the root but you may just want it to start in your wwwroot folder of your website.

7. Select the Access Rights for the user. By default they have read and write access. You may want to give just read access to certain areas to clients.

8. Finally click 'Update'. You can now access your hosting account with this FTP user.

To find out how to connect please read this article on How to transfer files to my hosting account using FTP

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