How to Backup your Website Files

All our shared hosting plans come with daily backups of your website files and database. These are kept for 30 days.

It is always advisable to have your own backups and this article shows you how to backup your website files. To backup up your database please read our KB artcile on How to back up your MS SQL Database.

1. Login to your control panel at and go to your hosting account

2. Click on 'File Manager' under 'System'

3. Click on the website you want to backup and then select the wwwroot folder and click the 'Zip' button. You can backup the whole site including your log files but this is usually unnecessary and often creates very large backup files.

4. Enter the file name you want to use. You don't have to put .zip at the end. Click the 'Zip' button.

5. When it is complete you will see the file in the root of the folder. You can then click on the file to download it directly in the browser or use an FTP client to download it.

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