Free Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate Vs Paid For SSL Certificate

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority. It provides a free domain validation SSL certificates for you website that lasts for 90 days, but can be automatically renewed.

This is great as it provides a safer more secure internet for free. However there are pros and cons to using Lets Encrypt and it may not cover your requirements. This article discusses these points.

Let's Encrypt Pros

  • Let's start with the best bit - its free!
  • Very easy to get. It requires you to just agree to their terms and conditions and then generate the certificate. Here is our article on how to add it to your website

Let's Encrypt Cons

  • It is just a domain validated certificate. This means no checks are made on the owners of the domain and website. This is true of all domain validated SSL certificates.
  • It only covers one website. You can't get a wildcard one for www. and office., they would have to be 2 seperate SSL certificates. See our Wildcard SSL Certificates
  • It is only valid for 90 days. We automatically renew this for you.
  • If you have too many failed attempts to get an SSL their automated system will block you from making further requests for upto 24 hours. This could mean your website is without an SSL.
  • No green bar and extended checks. Look at our EV SSL Certificates if you want to give your website the highest trust status available.

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