Editing a File With Filezilla

This article shows you how to edit a file on your website using FileZilla FTP client.

You may want to edit a file on your website directly. A quick way of doing this is to use FileZilla.

1. Access your website files using FileZilla and the FTP user you created. How to Create a FTP User in Linux Hosting Control Panel

2. On the 'Remote site' side of FileZilla locate the file you want to edit, right click on it and select 'View/Edit'.

3. You may not have a program associated with that file type. Selecting Notepad is an easy option.

4. Edit your file in Notepad and then click save in Notepad and close Notepad. FileZilla will pick up the change and ask you if you want to upload it back to the server. Select the 'Finish editing and delete local file' option and then click 'Yes'.

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