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Why register your UK domain name with us?

Accredited Nominet Partner

Buy with confidence. You are safe with us knowing we are a fully accredited and regularly checked by Nominet, the governing body for UK domain names.

Low Prices

We are one of the cheapest providers of UK domain names. No tie-ins for 10 years to get the best price, no surprises at renewal time, or hours hunting for the latest discount codes, just year round value.

FREE Email Address

FREE email account with every domain name. Create an email address like hello@ or info@ & you can send & receive emails to that address. You get 100MB space which you can upgrade.

Full DNS Control

Easy to use control panel with full DNS control & no restrictions. Point your domain to any website, edit MX records, CNAME & more. Add & edit at anytime & for free.

Professional UK Support

Our friendly & knowledgeable support team are available via email or phone. Whatever the query we are here to help.

Just how you want it

A relationship built on trust. We don't tie you in, prevent you from leaving, try and up sell at every opportunity, sell your details or anything else like that, just as you would expect.

About UK Domain Names

A UK domain name tells your UK website visitors that your site is relevant to them.

Launched in 2014, .uk provides a new space online for anyone and everyone to make the most of. Whether you want to position your business as cutting edge and ahead of the curve, or to carve your own personal space in the internet of tomorrow, .uk is the domain for you.

If you’re looking for a trusted, tried and tested home for your business online, is the perfect place for you. And if your company is not-for-profit or charitable, then a positions you really clearly. And when your website it all about you, then a puts its personal content front and centre.

Domain Name FAQs

Yes. We even have dedicated support articles for the popular options and our support team can assist you if you need any help.


Shopify - How to point your domain name

Yes! Unlike email forwarders this is a full email account that you can send using your domain name as well as receiving.

You get full spam protection too from our spam platform powered by Proxmox.

You get 100MB mailbox which is enough for 1300 emails (based on average 75 kilobytes (KB) size - You can access via POP3 and download them to your PC or access via IMAP on multiple devices. You can also access from Gmail. You can upgrade at anytime to our 2GB mailbox or Microsoft 365.

Yes, when you have transferred in your domain name you can set up web forwarding by following this article on How to set up Web Forwarding.

Nominet are the official registry responsible for .UK domain names. This includes .uk,, and others. We work closely with Nominet and have achieved their highest accredited partner status. Being a Nominet Accredited Channel Partner means we have strict business processes in place to provide customers with the best service possible. These are audited every year by Nominet.

Anyone can purchase either a or a or a

If you are purchasing a .uk and don't have UK address we would become the admin contact on your behalf. You would still be the registrant and the domain name would belong to you.

To purchase a domain name you must be a UK limited company.

Since GDPR all details are now hidden from public view regardless of the registrant type.

If you wish your details to be made public then please contact us after you have purchasd your domain name.

DNS or Domain Name System controls your domain name's email and website settings.

When someone visits or sends an email to your domain name the DNS settings are responsible for telling the visitors computer where those items are. For example www on our domain name points to the IP address which is on our servers.

A nameserver is a server on the internet that holds the DNS for a domain name.

The nameservers for a domain name are held at the registry for that domains tld i.e. Nominet (.uk domains etc) or ICANN (.com domains etc). Any request for a domain is then forwarded to these nameservers (i.e. and they let the requesting query know where that resource is i.e. an IP address.