Setup Shopify

So you have your domain registered with us, great! And now you need to point it to your Shopify service. This article shows you how to connect your domain to your Shopify website.

For this to happen you will need to modify your domains DNS records. This involves adding an A record and a CNAME record.

1. Log into your portal at

2. Click on your hosting plan to take you to your hosting control panel.

3. Click on the 'Domains' option, under the System heading.

4. Click on the domain name you wish to add the A record to.

5. Click the 'Edit DNS Zone Records' button. You may need to click the 'Enable DNS' button if that is there instead and then click the 'Edit DNS Zone Records' button.

6. Click the 'Add Record' button.

7. Insert your details for the A record. You should leave the "Record Name" blank and enter (You may need to confirm that is still the correct Shopify IP) and then click "Save"

8. Now you will need to create a CNAME record. Click the 'Add Record' button again.

9. Select CNAME from the dropdown and enter www in the "Record Name" box and in the "Record Data" box and then click "Save"

10. That's it - you're done! While it should start working very quickly - it can take up to 24 hours for these changes to take effect over the internet.

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