Why hasn't my SSL Certificate been issued?

Sometimes your Domain Validated SSL Certificate might not be issued immediately after you have verified you domain name using your email address. This can happen for a number of reasons.

Brand Validation

SSL Vendors will manually review SSL Certificate requests that could have issues. These include:

  • Applications for SSL certificates from some countries e.g. South Korea may be manually reviewed.
  • Domain names that include a famouse brand name e.g. apple-shop.com or samsungproducts.net
  • Domain names that may include a brand name in them but not intentionally e.g. if your domain name is 'devon-yodellers.co.uk' the validation system might see 'devon-yoDELLers.co.uk' and associated with the DELL brand.
  • Domain name has a 'stop word' in it e.g. words like 'bank, tax, money, payment'

Any of these can lead to the application being manually reviewed by a certification manager. This process can take 24-48 hours.

Your website is not live

Make sure your website is uploaded and online.

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