Transfer .com/ .org Domain Name From Arvixe to Nutty About Hosting

You can transfer you .com domain name or .org domain name from Arvixe to Nutty About Hosting in a few simple steps. Your EPP or Authorisation code is required to transfer these domain types.

1. Login to your account at Arvixe. Click on 'My Domains' in the left hand menu.

2. Click on the dropdown next to the domain you wish to transfer. Click on 'Registrar Lock Status'.

3.Click on the button 'DISABLE REGISTRAR LOCK'.

4. The status will update to Disabled and you will now be able to transfer your domain name.

5. Go back to your domain names and click on the dropdown again and this time select 'Get EPP Code'

6. You will receive a message that the EPP Code has been sent to your registrant email address of your domain. PLEASE NOTE: We have come across that this is set to and so you will not receive the EPP Code. You must check the contact information from the dropdown.

7. Go to Nutty About Hosting domain transfer page and insert the domain name and click 'Transfer'

8. You will be given the number of years you wish to add to the current renewal date.

9. Add the Auth Code you got from Arvixe.

Once you pay for the domain you will receive a confirmation email to verify that you wish to transfer the domain. You MUST click this link otherwise the transfer will not take place.

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