Required Documents for SSL Certificates

Each type of SSL requires different validation. This article specifies what is required by each and how you can provide this information

EV (Extended Validation) Green Bar SSL

Extended Validation requires domain validation via email (DCV) and you to supply company documents for business authentication. The validation process is manual and takes upto 7 business days to complete the whole validation process. EV SSL certificates are recommended for online shopping cart websites which are registered as a business entity. The following documents may be requested for completion of the validation process.

Step 1 - Supply EV Documents

Once you have placed your order and configured the SSL via our portal you will need to send an EV SSL Subscriber Agreement and Certificate Request Form to complete EV Validation. For Comodo EV SSL Certificates use Certificate Request Form, EV SSL Subscriber Agreement

Step 2 - Supply Business Documents

You need to supply company business documents to the vendor. You can send the documents by post, fax or email in PDF format. If the order is for a commercial entity you will need to send one of these documents: Company Registration Document, Articles of Incorporation, Business License, DUNS details (e.g. your Company Number or Dun & Bradstreet company number etc). This is the same process as Business Validation SSL has (See Below)

Step 3 - Domain Validation

When you configured your SSL certificate in our portal you will have had to select a standard email address based on the domain name you are getting the certificate for. These are usually admin@, administrator@, postmaster@, hostmaster@ or webmaster@. You will be sent an automated email to your selected email address and in the email is an link to click to verifiy your own the domain name. You can also select DNS verification or HTML verification of your domain name if you wish.

Step 4 - Callback

Finally the SSL Provider (ie Comodo etc) checks your phone number and verifies the order. In most cases they check your company phone number from the public databases or directories like and

Business Validation

This is the same process as for Extended Validation SSL Certificates.

Domain Validation

Domain validation is the fastest way of getting an SSL certificate and is available to both business and private clients who do not have a company. There is no paperwork and no callbacks. This is the same process as of step 3 of the Extended Validation requirements.

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