SSL Basics

What are SSL Certificates?

SSL stand for Secure Soccket Layer and encrypts any information sent between a website and the users browser. This prevents it from being read as it is sent across the internet.

It is commonly used when a website is dealing with sensitive data like passwords or credit card details. You will have probably used SSL if you have ever purchased anything online.

Which browsers do SSL work with?

All our SSL certificates work with 99% of browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Apple Safari.

There are a very small number of browsers that are not compatible but this is the same across the SSL industry with all our certificates complying with industry standards.

How can I use an SSL

SSL will encrypt any data you want to protect between your website and your visitors browser. There are usually used for ecommerce sites. Uses included for example

  • Username/password during website logins
  • Credit Card Transactions
  • Private Forums
  • Moving of user data

Can I just buy an SSL Certificate from you without web hosting?

Yes. SSL certificates are separate from web hosting and can be applied to any web server. After you buy the SSL certificate you will be asked which web server is is for.

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