Outlook/General Email Errors

Your mailbox is temporarily unavailable

Error Message: Your mailbox is temporarily unavailable because another e-mail message is being delivered to it or another mail application is accessing it. The server responded: -ERR The referenced account is currently locked out and may not be logged on to.

Cause: You may have set up your imap or pop3 account to be checking for emails say every 5 minutes. If your phone or laptop are also checking in a periodic fashion then one of these devices can cause a lock on the email account.

Resolution: Wait for a while for the lock to be released. If the problem continues then please contact support.

Unable to send emails

Error Message: Error 554 The sending from email address must be based on the user account you authenticate with

Cause: You are trying to send using account1@yourdomain but authenticating with the SMTP server using account2@yourdomain

Resolution: Change the email address you use to authenticate with the SMTP server in outlook, thunderbird or other email client to the one the account is under.

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