Outlook Data Files - Setup and Moving

Moving datafiles in outlook is not quite as straight forward as it should be. Here is a quick guide.

IMAP - ForcePSTPath regedit

Using the registry key ForcePSTPath will change the default path for .pst files. This applies to Outlook 2010.

Close Outlook before starting.

Start regedit (XP - From the Start menu in XP type 'Run' (or Windows key + R) and then type regedit / Win7 - From the Start Search field type regedit and click OK.)

Browse to the following subkey in the registry (Outlook 2010).


ForcePSTPath in Registry Editor

Right click on the key and then choose 'New' then click 'String Value'.

Type in 'ForcePSTPath' and press return Then right click and click 'modify'. Put in the path you want in the 'Value Data' field.

Click OK and exit the registry editor. Any newly created data files will default to the location specified. All existing data files would need to be moved or accounts deleted and recreated.

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