Moving your emails to your Nutty About Hosting account

This is a guide to moving your emails from your current provider to our email servers. Before you change your MX records in your DNS you need to do the following:

1. Log into your portal at

2. Click on your hosting plan to take you to your hosting control panel.

3. Set up your domain in the control panel. This is done by clicking on the 'Domains' option, under the System heading.

4. Set up your email accounts in the control panel with the same password that you currently have (unless you want to change it or it doesn't met our strong password criteria). If you can have the same passwords then you may not have to update your email client. To do this follow this guide on how to add an email account.

5. Locate your email settings and update your email client. These are listed in your hosting summary. This will provide you with your email server IP address, preferred hostnames to use for secure access and the domain alias i.e. If you are already using you may not have to update your email client.

6. Optional. Find your current providers generic url for your current web mail. This will allow you to check if any emails are there as the DNS propagation happens. Your PC could pick up the DNS changes before an email server sending an email to your domain does. One of our email servers webmail is, for example,

7. Update your DNS MX records.

6. The changes can take upto 72hrs but are usually a lot quicker.

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