How to Setup Your Email Account in Thunderbird

Once you have set up your email accounts in the Hosting Control Panel you now need to access the email account so you can send and receive emails. This article will show you how to do this.

1. Navigate to and click the 'Free Download' button. Once it is downloaded click on the setup program and follow the install instructions. Standard setup type is fine unless you want to customise aspects of the install.

2. Launch Thunderbird. Skip Integration. Then click 'Skip this and use my existing email'.

3. Add the details of your email account you have set up in the Hosting Control Panel and click 'Continue'.

4. Select 'IMAP (remote folders)' unless you want to use POP3 and then click 'Manual config' button.

5. Update the information as in the image below. The click 'Done' once it is made bold.

6. You have now set up your email account in Thunderbird and you can now send and receive emails.

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