How to Setup Your Email Account in eM Client

This article shows how to set up your email account in eM Client, a free email application that you can use to send and receive emails from.

If you are having trouble setting up your email using this guide then please contact support.

1. Go to the eM Client website and download the latest version of eM Client.

2. Open the download and complete the installation of eM Client.

3. Select an eM Client theme, then click 'Next'.

4. On the Welcome page, disregard the automatic setup and click 'Mail > Other then click 'Next'.

5. Login to your portal and select from the side menu 'Email > Email Accounts' or click here to view a list of your email accounts hosted by us.

Select the 'Configuration details' of the account you would like to add to eM Client.

We will need these for the next steps.

6. Enter the email address of the account you would like to add, then click next

7. For the incoming server details, select 'IMAP'.

Copy over the incoming server details from your email configuration details list i.e.

Then enter the authentication credentials for the incoming server. The 'User name' will be your email address, and the 'password' will be the password for your email account.

All these details can be found within your email configuration details.

8. For the Outgoing server details, copy the outgoing server address from your email configuration page i.e.

Then use the same login credentials from the previous step (eM Client will automatically enter these for you; however, you should double-check these are still correct).

9. Once both the incoming and outgoing server details have been entered, eM Client will test the connection. If there are errors within the test, double-check you have entered all the correct configuration details.

10. Enter your name and email account name, then click 'Next'.

11. Select 'Continue without encryption', then click 'Next'.

12. Choose an avatar, then select 'Download messages' if you would like to keep messages on your local machine for offline use, then click 'Finish'.

Congratulations you have setup your email account in eM Client!

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