How to Set up Web Forwarding

This article shows you how to set up Web Forwarding on your domain. Web forwarding is when you redirect a domain name to another website. You can either have a redirect which changes the website url in the address bar or a 'framed' forwarding where your domain name remains the url in the address bar.

For web forwarding to work you must have your domain A records for www and blank pointing to These are automatically added for new domain names but will not overwrite current records if they exist.

A records required for Web Forwarding

1. Log into your portal at

2. Click on your domains list.

3. Click on cog icon which will show you a list of options. Click on 'Web Forwarding'.

Domain Options

4. Enter the URL you want the domain to redirect too. Select the forwarding type and then click 'Update Forwarding'.

Fowarding Details

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