How to Setup Email Account In Gmail on Android

Gmail is the default email client on Android.

Your email account should automatically set up using just your email address and password.

If that does not work then this guide shows you how to manually add your IMAP email account to Gmail on Android.

1. Open up Gmail and click 'Add Email Account'.

2. Select 'Other' from options under Set up email.

3. Enter your email address and then select 'manual setup'.

4. Select 'Personal (IMAP)' from the options under What type of account is this? Click Next.

5. Enter your email password. Click Next.

6. Enter the Incoming (IMAP) server settings - Click Next.

7. Enter the Outgoing (SMTP) server settings - Make sure 'Require Sign-in' is selected. Enter email address and password (should already be prefilled). Click Next.

8. Enter a name for email account. Click Next.

9. Confirm the Gmail options for the email account. Click Next. You are finished.

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