How to Open Hidden Message List in Webmail

Our webmail is a great way to access you IMAP email account. It is flexible and allows you to resize various parts of the screen. However it is possible to completely hide the message list and a litle tricky to get it back. This article shows you how to get the message list back if you have managed to hide it.

1. Login to webmail at using your email account and email account password.

2. The default view looks like this with the folder list then the message list and then the message view.

3. You can hide the message list by moving your mouse over the border until there is a double arrow and dragging it to the left.

4. If you have hidden the message list the view will now look like this.

5. To show the message list again you need to move you mouse cursor slowly from the right hand side until you get the double arrow. Then click on move the double arrow to the right. It will appear not to do anything but keep going and the message list will appear at its minimum width. Note: if you approach the area from the left you will just expand the folder list width.

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