How to Install a Public SSL Certificate on IIS on SBS 2003

1. Open up Internet Information Services (IIS) and drill down to find the website you need an SSL certificate for and then right click on the web site and go to properties.

Screenshot of selecting website in IIS

2. Click on the 'Directory Security' tab and click on 'Server Certificate'.

Screenshot of directory security tab in IIS website properties

3. Click 'Next' on the Web Server Certificate Wizard.

Web Server Certificate Wizard

4. Select 'Create a new certificate' and then click 'Next'.

Create new SSL Certificate

5. Select 'Prepare the request now, but send it later' and then click 'Next'.

Delay or Immediate Request

6. Type in your website name that will help identify the SSL certificate, select '2048' as the bit length and then click 'Next'.

Name and Security Settings

7. Type in your organisation name and unit (we use IT normally) and then click 'Next'.

Organisation information

8. Type in your url of your website and then click 'Next'.

Your Site's Common Name

9. Type in your location and then click 'Next'.

Geographical Information

10. Create your filename and browse to a location you want to save it to and then click 'Next'.

Certificate Request File Name

11. That is your SSL certificate request completed. Now click 'Finish'.


12. Open the file you created and paste it into the request area when you buy an SSL certificate from Nutty About Hosting.

Certificate Request File Name

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