How to Disable Comments in WordPress

This article shows you how to disable comments on your WordPress website.

WordPress allows comments by default on your posts and pages. Often these just get completed by spam bots and become tiresome to manage. Unless you are proactively encouraging conversations about your posts then we would advise to switch the comment facility off when you first install WordPress.

If you are having trouble following this guide, then please contact support.

1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard. This is usually found by adding '/wp-admin' to the end of your domain i.e.

2. To stop comments getting posted site wide click on 'Settings' > 'Discussion' and look for the 'Default post settings' section.

Uncheck the three settings within this section and click 'Save Changes'.

3. If you have existing pages you will now need to update those as they will have inherited the comment settings from the site. You can do this in a single bulk edit.

Click on the Pages menu item and then check the 'Title' tick box to select all the current pages.

Then click the dropdown and select 'Edit', followed by clicking the 'Apply' button.

Now a new section should appear on the page.

Make sure all the pages you would like to stop users from commenting on are ticked, and set the 'Comments' dropdown to 'Do Not Allow' and click the 'Update' button.

4. Now we need to do the same with the previous posts we made.

Click on the Posts menu item and then check 'Title' tick box to select all your current posts.

Then click the dropdown and select 'Edit', followed by clicking the 'Apply' button.

Now we do the same again by ticking the 'Title' tick box to select all the posts, then select the 'Comments' dropdown and choose 'Do not allow'. Finally press the 'Update' button to make these changes.

5. If you already have comments you can delete them permanently.

Click on the 'Comments' menu item and check 'Author' to select all comments.

Click the dropdown and select 'Move to Trash', then click 'Apply'.

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