How to Add Your Wildcard SSL to Other Websites

When you purchase a Wildcard SSL you create the CSR from you main website. The process of installing it after you receive your SSL certificate is straight forward. When you want to add this wildcard certificate to your subdomains it is a slightly different procedure involing your exporting your wildcard SSL and import it on another website. This article shows you how to this.

1. Log into your portal at and click on your hosting plan.

2. Navigate to the website you installed your Wildcard SSL on and click on the 'SSL' tab. Click on the 'Installed Certificate' tab, if not selected, and click the 'Export' button.

3. Type in a password and confirm it then click the 'Export' button.

4. The file will then be downloaded to your default location.

5. Navigate to your subdomain website where you want to install the Wildcard SSL and click on the 'SSL' tab. Click on the 'New Certificate' tab and click the 'Upload Certificate' button.

6. Select the file from point 4 and enter the password you entered in point 3 and then click the 'Install' button.

Your Wildcard SSL will now be installed.

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