How to Add a Shared Mailbox in Office 365

Your Office 365 subscriptions comes with free shared mailboxes. These are mailboxes that are shared between users like info@ or accounts@. You can select who has access to them and once assigned they will automatically appear in your Outlook. To access these mailboxes you must have a valid licence. To set up shared mailboxes you must be a global administrator.

1. Login to your Office 365 account at and click on the 'Admin' icon.

2. Click on the 'Groups' menu item and then click on 'Shared Mailboxes'.

3. Click on the 'Add A Mailbox' button.

4. Complete the details for the mailbox. Add the mailbox name and the email address. This must be unique.

5. Your shared mailbox wll now be created.

6. Your shared mailbox will now be created.

7. Your shared mailbox is now available. You now need to add members. You can either click 'View Details and add members from there or click on the 'Add Members' link underneath.

8. Click on the 'Add members' button.

9. Select who you would like to access the mailbox. Then click the 'Save' button.

10. The members now have access to the mailbox (can take upto an hour). The process is now complete. Click the 'Close' buttons to close the popup.

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