Configuring and Installing a Paid For SSL

Once you have purchased your SSL Certificate you can configure and install it in your hosting panel.

If you want to support legacy browsers i.e. those that do not support SNI (Server Name Indication) you will need to make sure you have a dedicated IP address. These are provided free with our Gold plan and cost £0.99 a month on all other hosting plans. Please contact us to have this set up on your hosting account.

1. Login to the portal at and click on your hosting plan to go to the hosting control panel.

2. Go to the website you want to install the SSL Certificate on. These are in 'Web Sites' under 'Web & Applications' in you hosting plan.

3. Double check you have a dedicated IP address

4. Click on the SSL tab

5. If you are renewing your previous SSL certificate click on the 'Renew Certificate' button under the 'Installed Certificate' tab; otherwise if it is a new SSL certificate then click on the 'New Certificate' tab and click the 'Generate CSR' button.

6. Completed the form and click the 'Generate CSR' button to produce the CSR.

7. Copy the CSR code, including the -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- and the -----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- to your clipboard.

8. Go back to you account portal and click on 'SSL Certificates' --> 'SSL List' in the menu.

9. Click the 'Configure' button for your SSL Certificate that you have just purchased.

10. Select IIS from the server dropdown and paste in your CSR code. Click the 'Continue' button.

11. Select the email address in order to validate your domain. These are generic, predetermined addresses that every domain should have set up. You can send a test email to verify the email address works to save time later as quite often webmaster@ or postmaster@ are not set up or are forwarded/an aliases to another email account. Click the 'Continue' button.

12. Complete the form with the admin details of the person responsible for the SSL certificate in case there are any issues. Click the 'Continue' button.

13. You have now completed the form and your SSL certificate will now be processed.

What happens next? For Domain Validated SSL Certificates you will now receive an email from the SSL certificate vendor e.g. Comodo. You will need to click on the link / enter the code to confirm ownership of the domain name. Once this is done the vendor will email you the SSL certificate, which for domain validated SSL certificates is usually within a few minutes.

Once you have received your SSL certificate you can then copy the key (open up your .crt file with Notepad and include the -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and -----END CERTIFICATE-----) into the hosting control panel to complete the certificate. Go back to the website you are installing the SSL certificate for. Click on the 'SSL' tab and then select the 'Pending Request' tab. Paste the copied certificate into the box and click the 'Install Certificate' button.

You have successfully installed your SSL certificate.

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