I Can't Connect to the Email Server Periodically

The most likely cause of the this is that your IP Address has been auto banned on the email server. Auto banning is the practice of temporarily banning IP addresses after a number of incorrect login attempts. Read more about it here

How can I resolve this?

The main cause of this is that your password is incorrect for the email account. This only has to be incorrect on one of your devices, which tries to connect frequently to the email server.

Here is how to find resolve this issue:

If after all this you still get periodic problems connecting to the email server (auto-ban lasts for 30 minutes, for more details read the auto-ban article ) then you will need to do the following:

  1. Find out your IP address (it will be like 123.23.456.56). You can find this by following this link
  2. Now login to your account control panel. Select 'Blocked IPs' under the 'Email' menu item.

  3. The following page shows you any bans in place for your current IP address

  4. If as been auto banned then you need to either
    a) Delete ALL email accounts on ALL your devices that use that email address.
    b) Switch off each device until you have determined the device with the incorrect details.
    c) Update all devices with the login details you have tested on the webmail. You can still access your emails via the webmail while we embark on this process.