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We provide an upgrading service for any version of DNN. Whether you want to update your DNN to take advantage of new functionality or apply security updates then we can do it fo you and take away the worry and stress of it.

Prices start from just £25.00 + VAT . That includes a full back up of your website files and database. One of our DNN experts will discuss with you the upgrade path and any additional costs i.e. moving from version 3 to version 7.

The upgrading service follows this procedure

  1. You will need to provide us with your DNN website login details.
  2. We will make a full backup of your DNN website files and database.
  3. We will then restore the backup to create a cloned DNN website as your staging website.
  4. We will then upgrade the cloned website for you to verify. Although we can verify some of your website i.e. login and general page and extension errors, no one knows your website better than you. Each DNN installation is different with any combination of paid for and custom extensions (modules, skins etc) installed. Sometimes these extensions are not compatible with the updated version.
  5. Once you have validated your website we will backup and upgrade the production website. You will then need to validate the upgraded live DNN website.

We also are able to upgrade your DNN installation on another host. We also can upgrade your DNN for free if you move to us!*

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

*Minimum hosting term is one year paid in advance.