How to Install WordPress Using One Click

The purpose of this guide is to break down the 'One Click' install of WordPress. There are a number of steps you have to take before you can run the WordPress installer from the Microsoft Web App Gallery. If you have any problems then contact support

1. Login to the control panel with your account details -

2. First you need to create a website for your WordPress install. This is where the installer will put the files. On the 'Hosting Space' menu click on 'Web Sites'

3. Click on the 'Create Web Site' button

4. Add the name of your website. We are creating one here in a subdomain. Once you have added your name or selected the domain then click the 'Create Web Site' button

5. On the 'Hosting Space' menu click on 'Web App Gallery'. In the search box type in 'WordPress' and click the search button

6. The search results will display what is currently available. Click on the 'Install' button

7. Our Web App Gallery is regularly updated so you will be able to install the latest version of WordPress. Click on the 'Next' button

8. You now need to provide some information in order for WordPress to be installed. First select the website you created in Step 2 above from the dropdown menu. You can then leave the other suggested settings. The database user name can be up to 16 characters long. Complete the password fields using a strong password.

9. Add a unique phrase in to make your passwords stronger. Click the 'Install' button

10. WordPress will now install

11. The confirmation screen will now appear. This will allow you to launch WordPress.

12. You now need to configure WordPress. This includes the name of your website and your login details. Click the 'Install WordPress' to finish the configuration

13. Your details will be confirmed. Click the 'Log In' button to go to the WordPress dashboard

14. You can now see your website! Congratulations you have installed WordPress and are ready to start adding content to your website.

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