How to Install WordPress Using One Click

WordPress is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) that allows you to create websites without any coding knowledge.

This article is designed to help you install WordPress to your hosting plan using our hosting control panel.

If you are having trouble following this guide then please contact support.

1. Login to the portal at and select your hosting plan.
We have dedicated WordPress hosting plans or you can install WordPress on any of our shared hosting plans.

2. Under "Web & Applications" click the "Websites" button.

3. Select the "Create Web Site" button (If your website already has been created skip to step 5)

4. Under "Select Domain" choose the domain you would like to create the WordPress website for and click the "Create Web Site" button.

5. Go back to your account home

Under "Web & Applications" select "Web App Gallery".

6. In the Search box type in 'WordPress' and click the search button.

Once WordPress appears click the install button

7. Click "Next" and provide the correct information required for WordPress to install.
Notes: Make sure to leave the application name blank to install the application to the root directory of your website.
The database name and and database username have a 8 character limit.
Use a complex password. You don't need to remmember this password.

When you are done click install.

8. Once WordPress has been installed you will receive this confirmation screen.

9. On the confirmation screen click "Launch WordPress" and select your language.

10. You will need to configure WordPress with the details you would like to use to login.

Once finished, click the "Install WordPress" button.

11. Now login to your WordPress site.

12. Congratulations! You have successfully installed WordPress and are ready to start creating your website. First do any updates and then we recommend you install Wordfence security plugin immediately to secure your website.

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